Network Marketing

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Network Marketing also known as Multi-level Marketing by my understanding usually is about buying a product, trying it to see if it is good and then referring friends to also try it. We all do it. The difference is that sometimes we get rewarded for it and sometimes we don’t.

The world is gradually coming to realize that the fast way to circulate information is encourage telling a friend. Be it news, a product or a service, encouraging the “tell a friend” syndrome allows word about it to spread like wild fire. What better way to encourage the “tell a friend” syndrome than to attach a reward for telling a friend.

We cannot really blame the industry that chooses to spread the knowledge of its products or services this way since this method is tested a proven to be a lot more effective. Little wonder producers and service providers are moving in that direction now. Neither can we blame the network marketer for choosing to put some effort into it. Deciding to do so has enormous advantages:

  • You can earn some monetary reward aside your regular job
  • You can be your own boss at it
  • All you have to do sometimes is refer
  • Those you refer will thank you for so in a way you are making money and helping a friend at the same time.

We live in world now where some of people will not refer unless there is reward for referring. Some will only buy a product only if referral bonuses are available. Meanwhile some cannot even stand to hear network marketing: they detest it like a plague. The truth unfortunately is we all make referrals to goods and services that we have tested and found to be good to our friends. So when an opportunity to make money comes from making the referrals why not grab it. We have nothing to lose and a lot to gain for doing so.

I cannot find any reasons why not so I’m asking. If there is anybody there who knows any reasons why we should not grab an opportunity to get paid for making referrals especially where we have been making the referrals for free before…. Pls lets have some reasons hear.

Call me an MLM junkie but as for me Network marketing it is…all the way. I need not tell you that’s how I bought my first car.

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